In January 2019, the American Diabetes Association released its flagship ‘Standards of Care’, which included major updates around what is considered to be effective diabetes care. Among these, was the landmark decision to list low-carbohydrate nutrition therapy as the first-line treatment for diabetes and pre-diabetes patients.

Fast forward to 2020, clinical outcomes are emerging across the nation. Tune in to hear two visionary leaders speak on the promise and rise of this revolutionary approach, and what it will mean for your business.

Steve Martin, former CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Nebraska and founder of Prime Therapeutics, will share his personal journey running Nebraska’s largest health plan, to reversing his own diabetes without the use of medication or surgery.

Dr. Bob Ratner, former Chief Science and Medical Officer of the American Diabetes Association with over 35 years of medical expertise, will decode the newly released 2020 Standards of Care, and the latest scientific research around COVID-19 and diabetes. Dr. Ratner will also reflect on his experience leading the NIH Diabetes Prevention Program for two decades. His discoveries have stood the test of time—they are just as relevant (if not more so) today, as the pandemic continues to prove the growing need to shift from diabetes management, to prevention and reversal.
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