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Gestational Diabetes Diet and Weekly Meal Plan (An alternative diet for better blood sugars)

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Gestational Diabetes Diet and Weekly Meal Plan (An alternative diet for better blood sugars)

Gestational Diabetes Diet and Weekly Meal Plan:

In this video, I discuss a lower carb option (190-130 g carb/day) to the traditional 175 g carb meal plan for gestational diabetes. If you are struggling with your blood sugars or 175 g carbs feels like too much food for you. Newer research shows that lower carb is a safe and effective option for moms with gestational diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes FB group:
Easy carb counting:

Daily Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Exercises Printable and Guide:

HIIT workouts for gestational diabetes: and

Type 2 diabetes prevention guide and checklist after gestational diabetes:


Free postpartum weight management (weight loss) course:

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References: and Lily Nichols “Real Food For Gestational Diabetes”

Jessica Pumple is a certified bariatric and diabetes educator, dietitian and pre & postnatal fitness instructor helping pregnant and postpartum moms for since 2004. She helps pregnant women stay fit, have the healthiest babies and the easier labors. She helps new moms with postpartum recovery, to heal and strengthen their core and lose the baby weight through non-gimmicky evidence-based strategies.

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Hi9 | How to Control Blood Sugar Levels in Pregnancy ? | Dr. Prabha Agarwal | Gynecologist

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Hi9 | How to Control Blood Sugar Levels in Pregnancy ? | Dr. Prabha Agarwal | Gynecologist

During Pregnancy starting to the 6th Month or 7th Month Blood sugar levels are starts to fluctuate. So if we want to prevent our blood sugar levels from fluctuating so we have to eat small frequent meals always try to take small frequent meals every 2-3 hours so that you can digest…….

Name : Dr. Prabha Agarwal

Specialization : Gynecology

Working Experience : 13+ years


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What Is High Blood Sugar Levels – Blood Glucose Levels Explained – Normal Sugar Level In Blood

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What Is High Blood Sugar Levels - Blood Glucose Levels Explained - Normal Sugar Level In Blood

In this video I discuss what is blood sugar level, and what causes high and low blood sugar levels. We also look at insulin’s role in blood sugar levels, and some of the risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes.

Transcript (partial)

In this video we are going to discuss what blood sugar or blood glucose is, and why it is important.

Blood sugar level is the amount of glucose(sugar) present in the blood. Our body gets glucose from some of the foods we eat.

After the digestive process, the liver releases glucose into the bloodstream, sending it to cells to be used as energy. As glucose is released into the bloodstream, blood sugar levels rise. This triggers the pancreas to release the hormone insulin, which tells the cells to open up and let the glucose in, which lowers blood sugar levels.

Excess glucose is stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver. This process happens many times throughout the day after we eat.
A normal fasting (no food for 8 hours) blood sugar level is between 70 and 99mg/dl, and a normal level two hours after eating is less than 140mg/dl.

So, why is this important? Well, there are 3 main reasons we need to be aware of our blood sugar level.

The 1st reason is that high blood sugar levels can lead to type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is when the body doesn’t use insulin properly (insulin resistance), or when the pancreas stops producing enough insulin. Over time, High blood sugar levels can put a lot of stress on the pancreas, possibly causing it to become permanently damaged. 95% of all diabetes cases in the US are type 2.

Researchers don’t fully understand why some people develop type 2 diabetes and others don’t. However, there are some factors that increase the risk.

-being overweight – the more fatty tissue you have, the more resistant your cells become to insulin.

-fat distribution – more fat storage in the abdomen increases the risk

-inactivity – Physical activity helps you control your weight, uses up glucose as energy and makes your cells more sensitive to insulin.

The 2nd reason we need to monitor our blood sugar levels is that High levels can also lead to atherosclerosis, which is hardening and narrowing of the arteries. This can block the arteries, putting blood flow at risk, which can lead to other problems.

The 3rd reason is low blood sugar levels, this is rare in non-diabetics. This can be caused by certain medications, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive exercise, and from meals high in refined carbs.
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Risks Of A Diabetic Pregnancy | High Blood Sugar Effects On Baby

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Today we’re talking about the Risks Of A Diabetic Pregnancy and High Blood Sugar Effects On Baby.

​If you have diabetes in pregnancy, one of the things you’re probably wondering is what effect high blood sugar has on the baby. I have five answers to that which will help you gain more clarity about the short and long-term effects that having gestational diabetes will have on your baby.​

Did you know that having high blood sugar in pregnancy has an effect on your baby, not just now, but sometimes all through childhood and even lifelong.

When you have diabetes in pregnancy, it’s so important for you to follow your diet, have regular check-ins with your provider, and keep your glucoses under the best control possible.

You might be feeling shocked, ashamed, or scared that you won’t be able to to change your diet enough to make a difference for you and your baby. But the truth is you are not alone. In my daily practice, I’ve worked with hundreds of women just like you who are trying to conquer gestational diabetes. And I know what it takes.

There’s no need to go it alone or feel ashamed or scared.​

Have a great week,
Dr. Tracy

P.S. – If you want to know more about gestational diabetes diets, grab your free copy of my PDF cheat sheet that helps you decide which diet will best for your journey with diabetes in pregnancy:


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Be sure to read the full blog post here for more details:

High Blood Sugar Effects On Baby

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Sugar Control Tips In Telugu | Cure For Diabetes | Health Tips | Home Remedies

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Global NRI Networks (GNN TV)
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How to Control Diabetes? || Tips to Maintain Blood Sugar Level || Vanitha Tips || Vanitha TV

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How to Control Diabetes? || Tips to Maintain Blood Sugar Level || Vanitha Tips || Vanitha TV

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How to Lower Blood Sugar Levels with Light Exercise | GlucoseZone

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How to Lower Blood Sugar Levels with Light Exercise | GlucoseZone

Get Active, Lose Weight, and Control Blood Sugar with GlucoseZone

GlucoseZone™ – Online workouts for getting active, losing weight, and controlling your diabetes

GlucoseZone empowers people living with diabetes through Fitness by providing coaching, exercise, food, products and content based on the individual’s real time blood sugar levels, medication requirements and diabetes and fitness goals.

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Prediabetes Blood Sugar Levels

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Prediabetes blood sugar levels and A1C levels are discussed. It is basically a borderline diabetic situation, where if no changed are made, type 2 diabetes will occur. Also talk about changes and treatments that may reverse or treat prediabetes.
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Treating Low Blood Sugar

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This 3D medical animation shows how to treat and manage low blood sugar, called hypoglycemia, for patients with diabetes.

Blood sugar during pregnancy is controlled in 3 ways, one is exercise diet and third is meditation. Usually diet and exercise are the first tried, if the blood sugars do not come under control with these two, then only medications are started. When we come to exercises exercise, as in she needs to go for half an hour to 45 minutes of walking everyday and the speed of the walk it depends on the comfort of the patient and there is something known as isometric exercise . Isometric exercises are done in the sitting posture at home. Here one kg weight are grasped in both the hands and there is flexion of the arm at the elbow joint, flexion and extension are continuous movements about 3 to 4 sets are done each set is topped when the patient is tired and when she has some amount of shortness of breath. These are isometric exercise and any other form of exercise can be performed like yoga she can go for swimming and some amount of light dancing can be done. Coming to diet, diet she has to follow a diabetic diet, she has to take regular frequent meals, she has to keep up her time an these meals are divided into 6 portions, one is breakfast lunch and dinner, and in between breakfast and lunch, and in between lunch and dinner and late midnight snack, here the carbohydrate should constitute about 50 to 55% and proteins about 20 to 25% and fat about 15% and in between snacks should consist about whole-wheat bread and some biscuits devoid of sugar and direct sweets to be avoided and pastries, cakes, chocolates, ice creams to be avoided and sugar has to be brought down, rice content to be brought down, and she needs to eat more of wheat and ragi and after every meal if she can do some amount of light walking, that would very very helpful and the last would be medications. Medications would be oral hypoglycemic agents and insulin. Insulin is given for all diabetic patients. But now oral hypoglycaemic agents like metformin and glipizide are used and the doses of these are adjusted according to the sugar of the patient.
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Blood sugar normal range in Hindi I Diabetes me Sugar level I Blood sugar levels chart I HBA1C Test

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We have discussed the normal fasting and postprandial (2 hours after eating food) blood sugar levels and the blood sugar normal range that should be maintained in a diabetes patient.

We have explained it in detail considering the cost of treatment, the risk of hypoglycemia, and the side effects of drugs like weight gain.

Also, you will know about the importance of the HBA1C test in Hindi and what are the ideal targets for HBA1C in a diabetic patient.

The maintenance of a blood sugar chart will help you in avoiding Diabetes-related complications. And therefore it is very important for a diabetic patient to maintain the blood sugar levels within the normal range.

Everything is explained in a simple and scientific manner.
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Diabetes: Journal of American Diabetic Association
The United States National Library of Medicine

Health blogs:

Thanks and regards,
Dr. Divaanshu Gupta MBBS, MD (ANAESTHESIA)

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A Natural Way to Maintain Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels

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We’re taking a look at an all-natural dietary supplement that’s clinically proven to help maintain healthy cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels.. In this segment, we’re investigating OmSanA.
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